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Oxygen homepage customization

  1. Im using the oxygen theme on the wordpress servers. I have the css upgrade and my question is about the front page configuration. I have the slider working (not on my site but my sampling site that does not have the upgrade) and just need to have the latest post show up under the featured slider images. I found css code to remove the recent articles and more articles but now want one specific post to show up on this static page. I have tried short code to display post but theme seems to ignore this code after the css code to remove the articles runs. Can someone help me with css code to do this? Sit it will be applied to is my demo site is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The problem is that by hiding the recent posts and more articles divs, you have hidden the only place to put post information, and you can't add text or anything to the body of that showcase page in the editor - well you can - but it won't show up and there is no way to make it show up.

    Sticky posts will show up in the slider, but not below it at the top of the recent posts - in fact stickies will not show up in the post listings below the slider at all.

    I'm can't figure out a way to do what you want to do using the showcase page template. It just isn't structured to be able to do that, and there is no way to change the functionality of that page.

  3. If what you want to display below the slider is the latest (non-sticky) post, it should be possible. Try this:

    } .hentry+.hentry, .more-articles {
        display: none;
  4. Oops - without the stray bracket, of course: .hentry+.hentry, .more-articles {
        display: none;
  5. Ok, thank you. I managed to remove the recent articles and most recent areas from the showcase page. I pull them up elsewhere using custom menus by categories. I moved on to showing the items I want seen by using widgets in the footer. I removed the sliders thumbnails to move the footer widgets up. Now I just need help in deleting the gap from the sliders to the footer. I moved the tertiary menu out of the way by hiding it to lessen the gap but still too big where the thumbnails were. So if you could help me with shortcode on the other post and pages to remove footer on pages I dont want it to appear on and any css code to shorten that pesty gap I would appreciate it. Thank you. Since I dont have the upgrade on my test site you cant see what Ive done as its only visible in the preview mode. The real site newparadisebcsd doesnt reflect any of these changes since its the live site and changes wont be applied until i get it all figured out.

  6. Now I just need help in deleting the gap from the sliders to the footer.

    Please link to the test blog and post the CSS you've been previewing so far so we have some context. does require that you keep the footer credits in place. Can you please make sure to keep those in?

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