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    The blog I need help with is carvingnature.net. I use the oxygen theme.

    I’m trying to set up the color of the links such that I can have different colors in different areas. So, e.g., I want to have the links in widgets to be a different color from links in the main posts and pages?

    (An example of the kind of set up I’m talking about here: http://goo.gl/nvrJf)



    The blog I need help with is carvingnature.net.


    You can target different areas of a theme by using the right selectors. One way to find which selectors to use is to right-click inside one of the areas and select the “Inspect Element” option. Then look through the HTML until you find the one for the container you’re interested in targeting.

    For http://carvingnature.net/ you can target the left sidebar using #secondary and the right sidebar using tertiary

    Using one of those as a base for the selectors, here’s an example of changing the links in the right sidebar red:

    #tertiary a {
    	color: #f00;

    You can do the same thing for the left sidebar, and you can target single posts using “.single” or pages using “.page” at the beginning of selectors. Then if you wanted to target links on one of those types of pages, you could do something like this:

    .single .entry-content a {
    	color: #f00;

    Hopefully this is enough to help you gets started experimenting with the CSS you need to make all the link changes you outlined.

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