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Oxygen - please :) -

  1. Hi, I have noticed that for a few weeks, my blog (using oxygen) not automatically published newest posts, nor includes sticky markings... is perhaps something has changed in the core of WordPress, because I have not changed any settings... and for that reason can not find explanation, please if anyone has any clue I appreciate
    thanks in advance

    pd: on the other hand, post do appear in the widget "latest posts" (left column: ultimos publicados") ... is not this weird?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see two recent posts, both posted february 4. If you can't see these yourself, then please try clearing your browser's cache, then log back into your account and see if it makes a difference.

  3. yes!, today was the day... and the two last post work fine but...

    if you look in the left column “entradas recientes” (last posts)
    you will see this sequence:

    patricia flain // (fine it apears in the middle column also)
    general comenta un haiku // (fine too)
    richar pearse // (oops it do not apear)
    una luz al final del tunel // (do not apear either)
    casa del perro (frank lloyd wright) // (fine)

    so, this is a strange gap... and

    I if chek any post as a sticky
    do not work, either...
    in fact the post Patricia Flain is marked as sticky

    these post you see working fine wiht the
    stkicky thing were marked a long time ago

  4. The section "artículos recientes" displays your latest non-sticky posts.
    You mark a post as a sticky if you want it to show up in the posts slider. But it won't show in the slider if it doesn't have a suitable featured image; suitable means 750px wide or larger.
    So the fact that some posts are missing means you marked them as stickies but you either forgot to set a featured image to them or you set a featured image that isn't wide enough.

  5. you got it!

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