Oxygen: remove category list overlay from posts' feat. image in the archives

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    Hello wordpress.com forum!

    Thanks to all who make the forums an enjoyable space to seek assistance. I have tried searching for a solution to my question, but cannot seem to find a similar thread.

    Can anyone share how to remove the category list overlay from a post’s featured image as displayed on an archive page? To be clear, I am not interested in removing the category connection from the post, I am simply interested in removing the category text overlay from the image.

    An example page showcasing my issue is: http://puravidaeh.ca/?s=rafting&submit=Search

    On the above listed page, you can see that some of my posts have several categories connected to them (all of which I need to keep connected to the posts, otherwise the quick fix would be to remove some of the categories). All of the categories contribute to a long overlay which completely covers the post’s featured image and partially covers some of the post title text. Ideally, I’d like to remove the category overlay completely, so only the post’s featured image is displayed (followed by the post title and description below).

    I am sure this requires a quick css edit, however I am not sure what it would be and my css knowledge is quite basic (although I am learning!).

    Thanks in advance to any/all who are willing to assist! :)

    The blog I need help with is puravidaeh.ca.



    Hi @puravidaeh!

    To hide the category links on archive and search pages, the following CSS ought to do the trick:

    body.archive .cat-links,
    body.search .cat-links  {
         display: none;

    Very nice customization on your site by the way. :)



    michiecat –

    Thank you SO much! It worked like a charm. You are a lifesaver and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your knowledge (and for your kind site-related compliment!).




    My pleasure, glad to help! :) I’m marking this topic resolved, feel free to start a new one if you have other questions.

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