Oxygen: Seemingly impossible to get sticky posts to reach front page. Help !?

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    All the following have been done:
    1. New page “Home” converted to Showcase Page attribute
    2. “Home” set to front page via Reading settings
    3. New page “Training Log” set to show posts via Reading settings
    4. New posts created with Featured image/s and made “sticky”

    The only thing I have left to do with my blog setup is the Home page feature slider.

    This is doing my head in. I even tried setting up a new blog to test it all just in case I had stuffed some settings etc. All to no avail.

    Please rescue me from my dumbarse-ness. Sincere thanks in advance for any help on the way.

    The blog I need help with is toughmuddermechanics.wordpress.com.


    What is the address of your site?


    do your featured images meet the size requirements?

    750 pix wide


    Site name is toughmuddermechanics.wordpress.com

    I’ve even tried sticky posts with no media to try and test them on the front page….even the text only posts aren’t going through.

    All the test ones are appearing on the ‘posts’ page though.


    Ahhhh…..the fist pump moment arrived.

    It would be helpful if they stressed how critical the image sizing is for the featured image slider to work.

    That, together with a few other forum threads, was the clincher.

    Thank you to TMBP…. sanity saver !! ;-)



    toughmuddermechanics and thesacredpath: hello, I have the same problem, can’t set the Home page feature slider, can you help me? please!! tanks for your time

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