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    I’m a WordPress newbie, and I’m in the process of moving my site from Blogger.

    I have chosen the Oxygen theme and got a few issues.

    First I would like to change the size of the posts but can’t seem to find a place where I can do that. Also, I would like my pages to displayed as clickable tabs. Though I can’t seem to be able to display any pages I create. There are only the default pages.

    The blog I need help with is agreenerlifeagreenerworldsite.wordpress.com.




    Im also in the process of muddling through setting up this theme but seem to be coming out the other side now! This is a really useful bit of info which i would recommend checking out https://theme.wordpress.com/themes/oxygen/

    For your pages to be clickable tabs you need to get them set up as a menu, the primary menu is the one displayed at the top and secondary menu is displayed on the left.

    Im also on this forum asking for help with this theme, it seems to be a bit tricky to set up!

    Good luck!


    Hi there,

    Many thanks for the suggestion and will definitely give it a go!

    Thanks, and good luck to you too and do let me know if you find out any more information



    Thank you so much for pitching in your help, @nbf1. :) You’re right that a custom menu needs to be set up in order to gain more control over the pages that appear in the menu.

    First I would like to change the size of the posts but can’t seem to find a place where I can do that.

    @agreenerlifeagreenerworld: Can you clarify this question a bit more for me? Are you trying to increase the width of your posts or the length of the excerpt on the blog page? I’ll be happy to help once I have a clearer idea of what you’re after.


    Sorry for being unclear, I would like to make the fonts on the blog posts a bit larger as I think it is quite small and many would have difficulties reading it. Is this at all possible?



    Thank you for clarifying!

    If you navigate to the Fonts panel of the WordPress.com Customizer, you’ll find options for changing the Headings and Base Font of your site. If you select a custom font from either dropdown menu, you can then make changes to the size of the text across all pages on your site.

    If you’d like to only change the font size of the text on your posts, you can make use of some custom CSS.

    In case you’re not familiar with CSS: It’s a coding language that’s used across the web to change the appearance of websites. Here at WordPress.com, it’s possible to add custom CSS to change certain parts of a theme’s design.

    To add custom CSS, navigate to the CSS panel of the WordPress.com Customizer and copy/paste the following below the introductory text in the resulting editor:

    .entry-content, .entry-summary {
        font-size: 1.1em;

    Increase/decrease the value of font-size to your liking. Please note that increments/decrements of 0.1 are enough to have an impact e.g. 1.2em, 1.3em, etc.

    Let me know how you get on with that. :)

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