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    two questions related to sidebars:

    1. On the “default template” style page, can I show only one sidebar instead of two? Can I hide the secondary?

    2. How do I adjust the width of the sidebars in CSS?

    The blog I need help with is essaycritique.wordpress.com.


    This will hide the secondary sidebar on the main (home) page only.

    .home #secondary {
    display: none;

    That does leave a blank white spot with the header hanging over on the left. I’m not sure what you might want to do with this extra space. Do you want to adjust things so that the content and other sidebar are centered below the header stuff, or do you want to widen the content area to claim that space where the secondary sidebar was? Or something else?



    Thanks! I don’t want to hide the full sidebar on the home page – only on my other pages – is this possible?

    Second, I want to be able to adjust the width of the sidebars across the site – i.e., I want the secondary sidebar narrower by about 30%.



    I want to take the Page text out under my header….but not lose the page menu on the side bar. Is there a way to hide it?



    The forum is only for CSS editing questions and all CSS editing is theme specific. This thread is focused only on CSS editing of the Oxygen theme. You are not using the Oxygen theme.

    Please use this link to post your own thread > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1


    Oxygen has page templates for static pages. Open your pages in the editor and in the “attributes” module, select the “full width” page template from the page template pulldown and update the page. Do that with each static page you do not want a sidebar on.

    I’ll be back shortly with the CSS to narrow the sidebar.



    Thanks – i don’t want to hide the primary sidebar so the full width page template doesn’t work for me :(

    Look forward to the CSS narrow code.



    My wireless internet modem killed my computer last night while I was working on this so I lost all the changes. This is complex with this theme, and to keep the top slider from going wonky, if you narrow the sidebar, you have to narrow the entire theme since there is no way to widen the slider. The width of the slider is set in the theme PHP script files, and we cannot edit those.

    I’ll work on this in a little bit and hopefully can get it posted without the internet modem going wonky.


    Give this a try. This is a little bit of a shady solution in a way which works because the background for the site and the content area are both white. It prevents the navigation from going to two lines which looks better. Make sure and check your other pages to make sure these changes do not adversely affect them.

    .page-template-showcase-php #content-wrap {
    padding-right: 40px;
    #secondary {
    width: 12%;
    .widget_search #s {
    width: 89%;
    #subscribe-field {
    width: 94% !important;

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