oxygen theme: can i hide the images?

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    My site does not have any images. I have a CSS upgrade. How can I hide all of the images on the blog front page?

    The blog I need help with is essaycritique.wordpress.com.


    Are you talking about the post image slider at the top? If so, then don’t set any posts as “sticky” posts.

    1. If a post is sticky, and has a featured image set that is 750px wide, the post will be shown in the slider at the top.

    2. If recently published posts are sticky but do not have a featured image set, or if the featured image is not 750px wide, it will be shown in the recent posts section.

    3. If recently published posts are not set to sticky, they will appear in the “more articles” section. The number in the more articles section will equal the number set at settings > reading in the “number of posts per page” field as long as infinite scrolling is disabled.

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