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    Embedded youtube video in posts is not showing preview images. Embedded youtube on a page is working ok.
    Does somebody knows what i am doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is takayamaevents.wordpress.com.



    That’s the way the theme works. You MIGHT be able to work around it by clicking to the HTML editor, copying all the content you want in the preview including the Youtube code, and putting that in the Excerpt box, which is below the Write Post box.


    Hello friends!

    I’m new, thoroughy confused, and would greatly appreciate your help!

    Can anyone recommend a theme/background, anything! that will allow me to post pictures and youtube videos within the same post? (for example a picture of a cat and a youtube music video of Moonshadow?)

    I’d also love to be able to use a few widgets, particularly a calendar, latest twitter posts and anything else that might help.

    This blog is going to be a combination of voting resources (reg info, etc) with a good number of posts, and also more personal posts including pictures/music.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Mimi :)




    1) please don’t hijack other people’s threads on issues that are unrelated to yours.

    2) have you tried a forum search? The use and selection of widgets and how to post youtubes and/or images has been extensively covered in the forums already.


    I’m very sorry. I did do a forum search on imbedding youtube videos and this thread came up. I never meant to hijack anyone’s thread.

    I asked only for a recommendation for a theme that might support youtube and widgets, never for someone to tell how to do it. I will do research. I’ve tried nearly every theme and have had no luck at all.

    I was only hoping that someone might suggest a theme. I was polite and friendly. Sorry I disturbed you.




    ALL of the themes support YouTubes and widgets.


    Obviously my total lack of experience is causing my difficulties. However, your complete lack of support and rudeness makes it terribly frustrating. I will terminate my blog and go elsewhere. I’ve already called American Express and asked that the monies I paid wordpress earlier today not be issued.

    You are very unkind and not in any way “Supportive.” I noted on your blog that I’m not the only one with such feelings.

    Best regards.



    I am not “Support.” Have a nice time elsewhere.


    You are however responding to me in a Support Forum.” What else am I to think?



    Staff are identified by a highlighted box around their Avatars. Everyone else is a volunteer.

    If you care to try again, go through this instruction post: http://learn.wordpress.com which teaches the basics. And most answers can be found in Support as well as the Forum. http://en.support.wordpress.com/ Type only one word in the search box if you can narrow things down. That will give better results than a string of terms.


    Remember this? Your words about someone else: “Oh, just got another fragile newbie. How do these people get through life? How do they sit down like a normal person when they’re constantly butthurt? “

    Listen whoever the heck you are, I am a 58 yo RN who has cared for more tremendously ill people than you can count. I’m also undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer I have – certainly not suffering from the crude term you used for “fragile newbies.” You try to be happy, ok? You surely are useless here.



    That’s charming. And completely irrelevant.



    Where exactly is the “rudeness”? Raincoaster politely said “please don’t hijack threads”, which was just a suggestion – a standard one to new users of these forums.
    And where exactly is the “complete lack of support?” You asked us to recommend a theme that would allow you to add pictures, youtube videos and widgets, raincoaster replied that all themes support those, and that’s the exact correct reply to your question.



    “You surely are useless here.”
    Sorry to disappoint you, but raincoaster is one of the most experienced members here.




    I’m not here for emotional support. I’m here to provide answers.






    zoemuzasagapo.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.



    @TT: See here:
    (Good thing they deleted “zoemuzasagapo”, as it’s misspelled…)

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