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Oxygen Theme Exportable to new domain?

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm running the Oxygen theme on my blog

    I am about to transfer my blog to a .com domain and I have two questions:

    1. If I register the domain through and use an FTP server to transfer the blog, will I lose my 'oxygen' theme settings, such as header, widgets etc?

    2. If yes, will this still be the case if I register the domain through

    Hope you guys can answer soonest :)

    (and please let me know your thoughts and suggestions on my blog design)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. I think you will have to set everything back up at your new domain, but I'm only 98% sure.

    2. If you get your top level domain at, you'll still have to setup everything at If you stay at everything will stay the same.

    P.S. I'm not going to advertise anything here but why GoDaddy? they have incredibly bad reviews and are really not good for WordPress (slow, etc.). I just don't want a person to really waste money! Just Google around and you'll see. Mods can remove this if this comment is out of line, but I'm not advertising anything.

  3. All versions of themes here at have been adapted to run on this multiuser software. None of our themes can be exported and used on installs. However, if you search you will find a version of the Oxygen theme for

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs. You need to use the export function to move your content.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase from that changes anything stated here and restated again here >

  4. Ok so Jali u saying the easiest (and cheapest) route would be just register the .com through right?

  5. <- Really look at that link, it's important.

    Also are you staying at then? If you are then it'd be cheaper to register through as it makes no sense to pay $11/yr for domain registration and then $13 for mapping. So yes if you're staying at

    If you aren't staying at then you can register it elsewhere as there would be no need for you to pay $18/yr for a .com domain. However if you do plan to move back to in the future you can't transfer your domain to them so you'd then be paying $11 + $13.

  6. @phrase99
    If you wish to have continue to free host your content be clear on the fact that you get only what you pay for when you purchase a domain mapping upgrade. Every day we Volunteers have to burst the bubble of those who poste here fanatazing that they get more than what is clearly stated in the support documentation entries I posted links to above, which some apparently do not read.

  7. Ok thanks guys. The downside to this though would be that I will be restricted in terms of the widgets and plugins that i can add on to the website, am I correct?

    Like widgets that work on java are not allowed by

  8. @phrase99
    If I considered not being able to use plugins as a big deal then why I would I be here? Why would I have moved a blog off self hosting and back onto this platform? I posted the links to the support documentation entries above that answer all your questions. I'm not into chatting on this subject because the support forum searchbox is full of threads like this one and there are other threads that need answering. Best wishes, regardless of where you decide to blog.

  9. @timethief and others

    thanks for your patience. You've convinced me to register the .com through wordpress and now i have a follow up question. The registering of emails...will it cost extra through google apps? and how much abt? I need to know as someone is about to use their credit card to register it fo rme and need to give them a subtotal first...


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