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Oxygen Theme Featured Image Dimensions

  1. On my site the featured images are not the right size I want and automatically crop out from the full picture that I want.

    Also I can't delete my header image when I try to customize my theme.

    Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot crop the featured images yourself. They are automatically cropped by the software.

    You can delete any header image from your Media Library, provided you don't plan to use it again. You can upload multiple header images here > Appearance > Header and you can choose which to display or choose random display.

  3. I had a similar problem and found this small workaround:

    Using Photoshop or a similar image manipulation software, crop a desired section of your image to 600px X 200px. You'll then upload two files into your post's gallery. The original, full image. And the cropped 600px X 200px edit. Insert the full-sized one into your post as you normally would. But make the cropped one a featured image, without inserting it into the post.

    It's a little more work, but this way you can control how your post feed looks, and when people click into it, they'll only see your full-sized image.

    This would fix things like this in your posts:

  4. BTW: To clarify the end of my last comment, I meant it would fix how the specific linked post above looks in your blog feed.

  5. The oxygen theme is supposed to autocrop the pictures, correct? Because I'm having a similar problem with the software NOT autocropping, but squeezing/stretching/resizing the image to fit in the featured image slots on both the carousel and main feed. Assistance?

  6. I used the term "crop" very freely. The bottom line is that the software does this and we cannot change what the software is programmed to do. Also the blog linked to your username is wearing Fresh and Clean, not Oxygen.

  7. I have multiple blogs, one of which does use oxygen. Are you saying that the software is programmed to resize? because it certainly wasn't doing so with the website previously, and seems to be resizing or cropping based on absolutely nothing that I can find in the website information.

  8. I'll flag this thread for a response from Theme Staff.

  9. Hi there! The issue of stretched images in Oxygen's slider should have been fixed. If you're still experiencing problems, please feel free to create a new thread and we'll take a look. Cheers!

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