Oxygen Theme featured slider not showing anymore "sticky posts"

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    Hi all,
    My blog has the Oxygen theme by Devpress installed and I have got the featured slider up for the past 6 months but only recently have I found out that it hasen’t been showing my last two posts that were marked “sticky”, on the featured slider. Is there a maximum? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is ypphupdates.wordpress.com.



    We Volunteers cannot assist anyone with a private blog because we cannot see what the blogger has done or what they are on about. This thread is tagged for Staff as they can enter your blog and see what you have done and what you refer to. Subscribe to the thread please so you are notified when they respond.



    Hi lukey1558,

    Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention!
    You are correct, the amount of sticky posts for the slider is limited to six entries. I went ahead to update the theme documentation to also reflect that. I’m sorry for the trouble.



    Thanks so much for that and for the update to the theme description too. Noted!


    Yes, but I made older posts not sticky again, but these two recent posts I made won’t show up.


    Is it anticipated that this will be fixed so that it’s not limited to 6? I recently switched to Oxygen theme, and noticed the same problem. I also noticed that when older posts are marked as sticky but there are already 6 up in the showcase, these older sticky ones disappear(!) from the “recent articles” section. Due to this and other issues, I think I might change my theme. I really like the aesthetics of Oxygen, but it has functionality problems, so I’m torn.

    blog: http://betabridgealmostdaily.wordpress.com


    Let me rephrase my point, I have 56 posts on my blog, of those 56, 6 are made “sticky” for the purposes of the slider. The last two posts which I made won’t show up on my slider even though I marked it as “sticky” but I removed (and not sticky) the last two posts shown on the slider. Instead, my slider now shows 4 posts and not one of the two new ones I made have shown up! Instead, it has shown up on the Latest Posts page I want it fixed, can anyone help me?

    I’ve had this blog for nearly 6 months and I really love the theme too! I’ve not had a problem right up to now, hope it clears it up!!


    UPDATE: I no longer need help, I have managed to find the problem, I forgot about the “featured image” size defaults. Thanks to those who can help, I’ve got both posts up now!



    i am having the hardest time figuring out how to get the carousel up and working.

    for the life of me i can’t get it up.

    1. i understand the carousel is 750 pixels wide…what about height?
    2. is there something else i need to click to get them to appear?
    3. when i click VISIBILITY – EDIT – there is nothing there to select STICKY like i saw in the forum.

    i am utterly baffled here! any help would be greatly appreciated!

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