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    I know there have been innumerable posts about this problem, but I’ve followed every single tutorial and it’s just not working for me.

    This is how I went about doing this:

    1. Created 3 posts. Made them all sticky. Gave them all a feature image that I actually copied off the Oxygen Demo site, in order to make sure they were all 750 pixels wide.
    2. Created a page called Home. In Page Attributes, I made it the Showcase Page. Created a second page called Posts.
    3. Went to Settings>>Reading. Set the front page display to “A static page”. I set my Front Page to the page I created called Home. Set Posts page to Post.

    This is my problem. I don’t see anything on my front page. Literally, there is just a gray box saying “Recent Articles,” and under that, another gray box saying “More articles.” Not only this, when I go to my “Posts” page, none of my articles have their featured image showing. It’s just a gray box, despite the fact that I did upload a image.

    I’ve read basically everything, include timethief’s numerous posts on topics like this one. I’m just not getting anything.

    My blog is silentattraction.wordpress.com If you could help, please do. I’m getting really frustrated.

    The blog I need help with is silentattraction.wordpress.com.




    It looks like you’ve done almost everything — but you still need to set Featured Images on each of your Sticky posts. Once you do that, you should see the slider appear. :)



    Thanks! For some reason, the Featured Images wasn’t working for me last night. Decided to work today, I guess.

    I do have another question. How can I manage the “Recent Articles” and the “More Articles” section on my home page?



    The “recent articles” section automatically displays your latest three non-sticky posts. The “more articles” section automatically displays a further group of recent posts; the number of posts it displays is set in Settings > Reading (posts-per-page option). Naturally, if you haven’t published enough posts, these sections will be empty or under-populated.



    Thanks for all the help!

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