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    I’ve just purchased the CSS upgrade for the Oxygen theme. Is there any way I can code my main headline to read in lower case? I like the fonts in the upgrade, I just want them to render in the lower case rather than upper case format.

    My blog: lowercasemedia.com

    As, you might guess, having my title in the upper case letters undermines the name itself. :) Any help is appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is lowercasemedia.com.


    Is there any way I can code my main headline to read in lower case?

    Certainly. Add this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    .entry-title a,
    .single .entry-title {
    	text-transform: lowercase;

    Thanks for replying, I’ve just added the above text, and it hasn’t changed. Is there something else I need to add?


    Upon further inspection, I’d like to clarify my question.

    The entry titles now have lower case titles (thanks!) but the main headline for my website is still in all caps. Is there a way I can change that? I’ve copied the code and changed “entry” to “headline” and “header” without success.

    Thanks in advance.


    To make the main site title lowercase in the Oxygen theme, add this too:

    .site-title {

    Or you can combine all three things in one shot, like this:

    .entry-title a,
    .single .entry-title {

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. :)



    Wow. That is great. Can you please advise on how I would mix upper and lower case in the site title? For example, I see now how to create lower case, but I want the title to look like this: PanArcticon — which is a mix of upper and lower case. thanks!


    What you would want to do in that case is add a rule to remove any text transforms, such as text-transform: none, and then type the actual title as “PanArcticon” into the site title or post title (depending on which one you’re trying to change).

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