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Oxygen Theme: How to make FULL WIDTH Posts

  1. manipalphotoblog

    Okay guys, I started using the OXYGEN theme ( over at my blog:

    Now, the issue is, I want to Make FULL WIDTH POSTS, exactly like this one:

    Please can you help me out with it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The full width template is for Pages. You select in in the Page attributes module under "Template".

  3. manipalphotoblog

    Only pages? Is there any way to use them in posts? As that would serve me AMAZINGLY and would be awesome, totally!

    Is there any workaround?

    And thank you for replying

  4. Is there any way to use them in posts?


    Is there any workaround?


  5. that's too bad. i also tried OXYGEN and was dismayed (this is probably something anyone who has been 'messing' with WP for any length of time could figure out) that my post/article Titles would have split words. you know, e.g. Leave a r
    eply, or

    so i'm back to some other theme, for now.

  6. The workaround would be to spend $30 per year on the Custom Design Upgrade and then hack the CSS to remove the sidebar and widen the content area as required.

  7. thanks, sacred. i spent $30 a year, ... for what? i thought it was for some customizing. um, i suppose THAT enables me to change FONT. whoopee! then, yer suggesting "hack" -- i hate to say it, but i ability to effectively tweak anything cyber anymore is practically nil. i am somewhat surprized i've been able to customize what little i have.

    oh well, from time to time i'll experiment with other themes.

  8. What part of the CSS would you need to alter to remove the side bar and widen the posts.

    I want to keep my left sidebar but remove the right.

    Also I want to move the pages titles from Left aligned to right aligned?

    Any ideas

  9. @socialwhirl
    If you have purchased the custom design upgrade and are prepared to do the required CSS editing then please click this link and create a thread in the CSS Forum.
    Note that all CSS editing is theme specifc and you will need to post the URL for your blog. At present there is no blog linked to your username.

  10. @social, we would need a link to your site so that we could look at it. CSS is theme specific.

  11. ~~thesacredpath
    Good evening to you. I hope you have been well and happy too. :)

  12. Hi guys my site is

    At the moment I have my twitter feed there but would love to have the center column go all the way to the edge.

    Also would love to put a colored rectangle behind my side bar on the left to distinguish it from the center column

  13. Add the following to your custom CSS (I don't see that you have any yet, do you have the upgrade?) and then down below the CSS window in the max image/video field, change the number to 630. That give a bit of a cushion in width, but comes close to the actual maximum width of the page and posting content area.

    #content {
    margin-right: 12% !important;
    #tertiary {
    display: none;
  14. Themes with no sidebar or with optional sidebar listed here:

  15. Thank you
    Now I have another question.
    I have moved my blog to self self hosting it with blue host. I still have the same theme - Oxygen but because I am no longer operating in I don't have the option to easily add a header image. I have got round this by changing the custom CSS in the theme editor section to include an image and then removing the standard logo. however now I have the problem of my primary menu is intersecting the header image.

    Ideally i would like to have my primary menu sit under the header image and be centred rather than left aligned. If possible I would also like them to be in a black box.

    Any help would be awesome


  16. @socialwhirl
    Note that the themes we run here have been adapted to run on and we do not provide support for installs on this support forum. You must post here > for any all all support issues with your install. On the top right hand corner of that site you will need to register a username account so you can post to this forum

  17. Cool thank you will do

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