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Oxygen theme is nothing like the demo

  1. Hi
    I activated the Oxygen theme and it is nothing like the demo which is very disappointing.
    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Check out the Themes forum if you haven't already:

    You might find something there.

  3. wamberalactiongroup,
    Are you saying that the demo at is different from the theme when applied to your blog? If so notawoodpecker's advice is spot on, the themes forum will help you find the theme options used in the demo so you can apply them to your blog.

    On the other hand if you tried the "theme preview" to see your blog as it would appear with the Oxygen theme and it looked different to when the theme was applied, then that would be a support issue.

  4. There's no support issue. The theme cannot look like the demo just by previewing or activating it. Check the theme description and follow the instructions:

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