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Oxygen Theme - Missing Location and sticky Options

  1. Hi,

    I have been trying for several hours to set up this theme like the DEMO documentation found below but see that the instructions don't match what i see on the admin cms page.

    I can't find "sticky" under publish or "Location" under the Page Attributes box. Any help will be great.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oxygen Theme Description Live demo site

    In Oxygen you can either have a Home page that displays your posts or a static front page ie. a Showcase template.

    Showcase page template
    When you first activate Oxygen, you’ll see your posts in a traditional blog format but if you’d like to showcase your content in an online magazine-like fashion, then you can use the Showcase Page template. ...

    Sticky post thumbnails are 750 pixels wide in the featured slider
    Regular post thumbnails are 450 pixels wide

    If you don't see the page attributes module then make sure that you don't have it hidden in your screen options
    Modules to unhide:
    Post – Likes and Shares, Format*, Categories, Tags, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Discussion, Comments**, Slug, Author, Revisions, Writing Helper
    Page – Likes and Shares, Page Attributes, Featured Image, Discussion, Comments**, Page Revisions, Slug, Author, Revisions, Writing Helper

    Please be aware that you cannot crop the sticky post thumbnails.

  3. One more piece of info. I looked under screen options. Locations or sticky is not there.

  4. Hi Timethief

    Already tried screen options. Locations is not there

  5. Are you logged in under the username account that registered that blog ie. who is a the owner of that blog and who is the Admin of that blog?

  6. If you are and you are on a Page then don't look for locations and sticky posts in the screen options. Simply go to screen options and include both the Post and Page modules.

  7. I am the owner and admin of the blog. I am following all instructions and the option is just not in the screen options menu

  8. I've included every module. I found sticky when i create a post. But locations is no where to be found.

  9. @wodloft,

    The version of Oxygen theme has been built differently from the one you linked to and version doesn't require to use the locations and that's why you don't find it.

    This is the theme documentation for version and please do not follow the documentation from Alien WP if your blog is hosted here, because how the theme works is totally different between those two versions.

    Hope it helps.

  10. Thanks iamtakashi! Its been driving me crazy. I couldn't find any info anywhere about why the two demo's look different. I'll soon be hosting my blog and wanted to play around with the theme before i made all the domain and hosting purchases.

    I guess i should stop wasting time and just jump right in.


  11. You're welcome! and good luck to you with your blog.

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