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    we are designing a web site for a customer with a massage/lmt business and are using your “oxygen” theme.

    one of our limitations we are dealing with is that the customer wishes to be on wordpress.com, not self-hosted with the wordpress.org open source software. their reasons are: auto-updates, auto-back-ups, and ease of maintenance, as they are somewhat tech adverse.

    we warned them, going into this, that this means we cannot make changes except to fonts, colors and css on themes, and they were fine with this.

    we have run into some limitations that seem to be hard coded into your php & javascript for the oxygen theme. we were wondering, please, if you might offer us some suggestion as to how to code around this, if possible, in css?

    we have set up a wp staging site, using your oxygen theme, where we’ve made changes only in css, before changing the customer’s wordpress.com site, here —>


    the limitations we’ve run into, that we need help coding around in css only for wordpress.com, are —

    1) we have put the massage blog posts with images as featured posts in your banner slide, which is great. we made the services offered/pricing the primary posts, as posts with descriptions, floating left in a horizontal line under the banner. the problem is: the business has four or five different services, and your primary post types seems to have hard coded in your php for the oxygen theme to have only the most recent 3 showing. is there a way, again, in css only for wordpress.com, to have more than three showing?

    2) we wish the pictures in the primary posts for the massage services on the home page to be a bit taller (css height property). however, when we attempt to do this by pixels or percentages in css, it stretches out the picture dimensions. is there a way, again, in css only for wordpress.com, to do this without having the pictures stretch in dimensions for primary post types?

    we realize that we are not alien themes clients, per se; however, you have had this theme approved by Automattic to be offered on the wordpress.com site, so we are hoping you can offer us some possible css code-arounds for this client.

    if we may also suggest, if these sort of things were offered as theme options in the wordpress dashboard — size of banner, size of primary post pics, and number of primary post pics on the home page, it would really be helpful if this functionality were offered in an update to your oxygen theme.

    thank you for any help you can offer in advance.


    — faddah wolf
    contracting for collage creative
    portland, oregon

    The blog I need help with is portlandstagereviews.wordpress.com.

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