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Oxygen Theme Picture Problems!

  1. Hi! Relative novice to this so if this seems like a stupid question apologies. I am having issues with pictures with this theme. If I post a featured picture in the slider peoples heads get hacked off in the category section which is a thin strip. I have tinkered with this for hours and searched the web for answers but no joy.

    What I ideally need is a guideline for dimensions in the media settings section. I have tried 600x200 for the categories section but this is no use for the featured image and vice-a-versa. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's not possible to manually crop the images that appear.

  3. What would be the best way around this? Sorry, as I said I'm rather new to this!

  4. Sticky post thumbnails are 750 pixels wide in the featured slider
    Regular post thumbnails are 450 pixels wide

    If you don't see the page attributes module then make sure that you don't have it hidden in your screen options

  5. So basically there is if the featured image is stuck to the slider there is no way to manipulate or adjust the image in the category section?

  6. Post thumbnails are 470 pixels wide, unless you make the post Sticky to show off in the featured slider, in which case they’re 750 pixels wide. Keep in mind: if you mark a post as Sticky but the featured image is less than 750 pixels wide, then it won’t display in the slider and will still disappear from the river of posts. Please also be aware that you cannot crop the sticky post thumbnails.

  7. We used to be able to before the media change was done.....

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