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Oxygen Theme; Posts not appearing under 'Recent Articles'

  1. Hi,

    Perhaps an easy problem to rectify, but i just can't work out why any of my 'practice' recent posts aren't appearing under the 'Recent Articles' header on my homepage on my Oxygen theme (which is a showcase page).

    Any help is much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you by chance mark all of your posts as sticky posts? If so, they will all appear in the slider and none will appear under recent articles.

  3. Yup - they're all sticky posts. Thanks for the heads-up. I wouldn't have worked that out for a while.

  4. You are welcome, and the sticky thing in Oxygen has caught quite a few.

  5. jeanvasconcelos

    Where by the Sticky thing to click on? I couldn´t find it and my on my blog I couldn´t see the Slider thing. Any Help? Many thanks

  6. jeanvasconcelos

    I´ve got only 10 posts, Maybe it is the reason that I could not see the Slider and the Sticky button?

  7. See here please >
    If you can't find what you need in that thread then please search the other Oxygen threads >

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