Oxygen Theme- Problem with no page for blog and pictures for entries

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    Just started with WordPress.com and I’m a total novice. I chose the Oxygen theme and I like it, but there’s a couple things I’m confused on.
    -I can post blog entries, but I cannot figure out what page they are on. I have added pages and they show nicely at the top- About Me, For the Love of Wine, SF Food. How can I get those blog postings under a page like the others?
    -When I click on ‘Uncategorized’ under ‘Categories’ I can see each of my blog postings under what should be a heading photo. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get an image into those posting headings.
    -Also, how do I change the ‘Uncategorized’ and what’s that all about

    Thanks very much in advance for any assistance with this.

    The blog I need help with is sfnativemom.wordpress.com.



    Blog posts do not go on pages. They go on the blog itself, which is not a static page, which is why it doesn’t show in your list of static pages. Have you gone through http://learn.wordpress.com yet?

    You will want to read this http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/posts-on-pages/

    Familiarize yourself with the way the Oxygen theme works. Congratulations, you’ve chosen literally the most customizable but also the most complex free theme at WordPress.com.

    Uncategorized is your default category for blog posts because you haven’t set another one. You need to create categories, and each blog post needs to be in a category, in order to remove the Uncategorized category.



    Thanks raincoaster- for this and the answers to my other question. I’m definitely an over eager newbie! I have not spent near enough time familiarizing myself with anything. Thanks for the links..I will slow down and read some instructions!

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