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    Two part question pertaining to the recent/more articles section:

    For “recent articles”: currently, the layout of each entry is stacked like a sandwich — picture, title, description — but i’m wondering if there is anyway to get it so the picture is a square on the left with the title/description next to it, on its right side? Like this.

    For “more articles”: Is there anyway to get a picture of the individual articles down there? Or am I stuck with just the big titles?

    Thanks for all the help!

    The blog I need help with is cameraviscera.com.


    For recent articles, to make the image square would require editing of the theme php script files, and we cannot do that at WordPress.com. The same goes for adding featured images to the More articles section. It would require changes to the theme files, not something that can be done with CSS.


    Thanks! Appreciate the reply.


    You are welcome.

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