Oxygen Theme- Removing Left Side Menu and the indent it leaves

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    I am running a website on the Oxygen Theme. I can remove the menu on the left hand side on Customise, but it has left a large gap down that side of the page. Is there any way to make the slider and any text underneath move across to fill the whole page?

    I can link to the website if needed
    Thank you!



    Yes please post the link.



    As you can see, there is a gap where I removed the menu. The text below is actually the error, no posts loaded text, I couldn’t add in my own text so I just changed that! If you know how to get everything over to the right, that would be brilliant.


    Also, I would like to keep the indent on the other pages if possible, and widen the space the text along the bottom takes up. I hope this isn’t too much to ask!



    Your site is using WP.org (self-hosted) this forum is for WP.com users only.

    Please ask for help here – http://wordpress.org/support/theme/oxygen

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