Oxygen theme: Setting menus and media as is

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    Being brand new to css, am having such a hard time with my page. I would like my frontpage to look exactly like the oxygen theme:
    primary menu immediately under Header
    Header catch line with bigger font size
    secondary menu (in black) to left of picture and under primary menu
    full width of page, background photo hidden with very thin margins.

    Grateful for css for these to copy and paste.

    The blog I need help with is liliansenglishplace.com.


    Since your blog is self hoisted you would have to move your query here http://wordpress.org/support/


    @castel… As you see on several posts, users can have their own domain and still be hosted at wordpress.com. If you are logged in yourself and click on a forum questioner’s URL, if the narrow black box remains at the top of the screen, they are a wordpress.com member. You can also scroll to the bottom of their web page and note the wordpress.com attribution in the footer.


    If you check this post, https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/read-me-first-what-is-custom-css?replies=1
    I guess it would explain to you better on self hoisted and wordpress hoisted one.


    and @greendeluxe
    Sorry for our discussion, as per your issue, did you change the CSS or Customize the look, coz else when you apply a theme, its styles and all remain the same.
    And also you could share the link of the demo of that theme, as to how you are expecting your site to look like.



    Thanks. Very kind of you to respond. Here is the demo for the oxygen theme http://oxygendemo.wordpress.com/
    If you take a look at my blog (see link on my original post) you will see the bits and pieces that are lacking.

    I did the normal customization. A little bit of css that I have managed to learn so far. But my major difficulty is
    -increasing the tag line
    -moving the primary menu above the image
    -to get the slider working
    basically, I want my blog front page to look exactly as what you see in the demo.
    Thanks again for your help.



    Isn’t there really no one here who can help me?
    Please take a loot at my blog http://liliansenglishplace.com/

    I like what I have been able to do so far, but I really need help to
    -move the header image to fill the space in the right

    -move the primary menu above the header image and directly below the title

    -move the secondary menu to the left of the image, and below the primary menu


    Hi greendeluxe. This forum is for people who are using WordPress.com, and your theme is using WordPress but it is not setup here at WordPress.com. See http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ to learn about the differences.

    In your case, since you are trying to match the WordPress.com theme closely, the first thing I would recommend is to try out actually using WordPress.com. If you need to stick with WordPress.org, then the next thing I would recommend is downloading the WordPress.com version of the Oxygen theme. You can find all of the files here:

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