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    I’m sorry to bring this up (as I know it has been brought up countless times already), but I have read through the directions for this and then the support posts ad nauseum and this search has driven me up the wall because I have no idea what exactly I haven’t done.

    This is what I HAVE done:

  • Created four posts, each has a featured image that is at least 720px wide if not EXACTLY 720px wide.

    I created a page called “Home”, set the template to Showcase.

    I set my static page and posts to “Home”

    I went to my posts and made them sticky.

    The posts disappear from the stream and there is no hint of a Showcase Slider anywhere… I’ve searched and searched and changed my settings countless times today which is why I am resorting to asking a forum.

  • What exactly did I skip doing that has caused the slider to not work? Trying to figure this out on my own is seriously making me feel crazy.

    The blog I need help with is tryingtorise.wordpress.com.



Forget it, I figured it out on my own.


Im having this same issue and cant figure it out. Can you tell me what you did?



me too, please help!!

http://www.officialfate.wordpress.com – cant find the location column under featured image to choose it for my slider! and its not in the screen options as an option either!!

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