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Oxygen Theme Slideshow Not Displaying Maximum Number of Posts

  1. Hello,
    I like the Oxygen theme. I'll probably like it a lot more once I get the hang of the customization aspect of it. After reading a WP'ers step-by-step instruction, I was able to achieve the slideshow feature shown in the Oxygen demo on WordPress (dot com). However, the slider is only displaying four of my posts, and there is still room for two more. Even though I followed the same steps as I did for the four posts that are displayed in the slideshow, the other two posts aren't being displayed in the slider and instead appear under "recent posts" and "more posts." Anyone have any idea why that may be and how I can correct it? Thanks!

    Note: I made sure to "stick" the two posts to the front page, but they disappear all-together. Once I un-check (stick) they then appear, but not where I want them to.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the posts disappear when you mark them as stickies, then their featured images aren't wide enough: the slider requires FIs that are at least 750 pixels wide.

  3. Also, the post won't come up if the image has a vertical format, even if the image is at least 750px wide.

  4. @karenuccia: That's not correct.

  5. Really? How can I get it to work? I haven't been able to get a post with a vertical image come up in the slider, and not for lack of trying.

  6. Works the same way. Which post(s) had you tried?

  7. I tried with a few posts when I first set up the slider, I'd have to look back through my posts to figure out which they were. Later I started cropping the vertical images so that they'd have a horizontal format, and setting them as the featured image without inserting them into the posts. That's what I've been doing since, if I don't have a good horizontal image for the feature.

    But now knowing that it's supposed to work, I'll try again next time I have a vertical image. My next post has a horizontal one, but I think the one after that will have a vertical one.

    Do you know, does it crop in the slider the same way as in the thumbnail- the middle third of the image?

  8. Yes, it always displays the middle part of the image.

  9. Well thanks, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works next time. I had just given up, thinking it was impossible. This should make things easier for me.

  10. Hello everyone,
    Thank you for taking the time to try to help me with my Oxygen Slideshow/slider issue. Karenuccia, the step-by-step instruction (posted by a detailed and helpful WordPresser) will show you how to activate the slideshow. If it wasn't for her detailed instructions, my blog would be slideshow-less. Anyway, the link is below. Hopefully it helps you, and any other Oxygen theme user like it helped me!

  11. @karenuccia, looks you already have the slideshow enabled. Nice. The link still is helpful for those who haven't been able to get the slideshow up and running.

  12. @justpi,

    I've tried again to use portrait format photos as the featured image in the slider, but haven't had any success. I noticed that regardless of how large I resize vertically oriented photos, they show up in my media library as max 749px wide. I tried changing the media settings but that made no difference. Is there something else I'm overlooking?

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