Oxygen Theme – Sticky tag removed article ending up below more articles.

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    I have a question regarding removing the sticky tag from posts.
    If I do that the article will be shown below the more articles link.
    (And the link doesn’t work anymore. )
    How do I fix this so that the post will show up next to other articles.
    Or if I have applied the sticky tag I can’t remove that anymore?
    I would like to keep control over what sticky pages I’d like to feature this way though only the latest ones will show.
    Thanks in advance! :)

    The blog I need help with is terraglitch.com.



    Does this help? More Articles section displays posts that are not in the featured category section (the latest six posts from the chosen category) to prevent duplicated contents show up on the home page.

    The slider displays up to six sticky posts. The “recent articles” section displays your latest three (non-sticky) posts. The “more articles” section displays the rest of your recent posts; the number of posts it displays is set in Settings > Reading.



    Hi sorry no. :(

    It’s doing this now with regular posts that have not been added with a sticky. :(

    So I’m still unable to pick which sticky post remains on the slider.
    ( When I remove a post that used to have a sticky I will get what I have with the normal articles now )
    I hope I manage to find a work around for this issue. Or hopefully someone wise on here in the ways of wordpress knows what’s going on. :D



    Okay….that’s the way the template is supposed to work. haha
    Nm me. :)

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