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Oxygen theme title word wrap

  1. My latest blog post using the Oxygen theme has strange wrapping for the blog post title. Please visit my site and look at my most recent post. The "r" in the word "behavior" wraps to the next line. If the "r" wraps, the entire word should wrap.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's definitely an unfortunate break and wrap. Please hang in there as I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  3. This happens because wordpress automatically inserts a non-breaking space between the last two words of a title or sentence to keep from having "orphaned" single words on a line. Edit the post and between the last two words in the title, remove the space and put the following in (without the spaces in between the characters) and update the post.

    & e n s p ;

  4. @thesacredpath
    I vaguely recalled you previoiusly answering a question like this before - bookmarked!

  5. Thanks for the solution but there should be another way to address this problem. One that doesn't require me to enter extra characters.

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