Oxygen theme, why does non-featured image behaves as featured image?

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    (Non-featured) image in the body of the text (of a post) behaves as a featured image and appears as post thumbnail in my list of (supposedly) Recent Articles against my will! I wish the post thumbnail is just a gray bar (no image) so it won’t fight with other images on my landing page. Please help me fix this issue.

    The blog I need help with is paulshaperproductions.com.




    In a test site I reproduced the issue you report and found a workaround, though I regard this workaround as very unsatisfactory.

    Summary of results:
    1. A gray shadow image appears on a “recent article” with no featured image applied in my tests.

    2. If, on a post with no featured image assigned, I insert a single image in the content of the post, either by uploading from files or by drawing the image from the media library, a cropped version of that image displays instead of the featured image.

    3. If, on a post with no featured image assigned, I insert multiple images in the content of the post, then remove the first image (without deleting it from the media library), a cropped version of the first image displays instead of the featured image, though it is neither in the post gallery or embedded in the post.

    4. The workaround: On a post with no featured image assigned, by deleting from the media library the first image inserted in the post content, when at least one other image is to be displayed in the post content, you may display the gray shadow post header and an image or multiple images in the post content.

    45. In one test I found that the third chronologically of four images inserted in a post, but the first uploaded from files, became the cropped post header, though I have no idea why that one was selected.


    Thanks for taking the time @musicdoc1 !

    It appears to be a bug, may I say.
    I hope it would be fixed by the Oxygen-theme staff soon.



    You’re welcome. I don’t know if it’s bugs or design flaws, but some of the effects I encountered were unexpected and unwanted. You may add a “modlook” tag to the sidebar of this topic to call for staff attention. Otherwise staff and the creators of Oxygen might remain unaware of the issues.


    Thanks @musicdoc1 !
    Just added the “modlook” tag.



    Hi folks, several themes that rely on featured images for a proper front-page display will fill in with the first image if no featured image is specified. That’s intentional.

    We can hide that image with CSS if you’d like, though. To clarify, would you want to remove the not-really-featured image for just this post or for all posts that would appear in that part of the site? If you want to remove all, use this CSS:

    .recent-articles .featured-image {
    	display: none;

    Yes, I do want to remove all.
    And your CSS help works beautifully :) Thanks!



    You bet. Cheers :)

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