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    Hello is there a CSS code to widen images in the recent articles section. I would like to reveal more of the picture.

    If this is not possible how would I fit the entire picture into the size allowed?


    The blog I need help with is ms-dynasty.com.


    Not cleanly. The featured post slider at the top is the problem. Widening the theme to make the posts wider in the recent posts area will end up putting a gap to one side of the featured post slider since the size of that image is set in the PHP script files and they cannot be widened. We do not have access to those files.

    I tried a couple things, but again can’t figure out a way to widen the images in the recent posts area. Again the width seems to be set in the PHP script files at 470px wide.



    ok great, thanks for your help!


    You are welcome.

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