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Oxygen Widgets Margins/Padding

  1. The blog I need help with is

    1. I'm trying to alter the CSS to b) make the space between widgets smaller and b) make the space between the secondary menu and the widget beneath it smaller. How can I do this?

    2. How can I alter the color of the active menu item in the primary/secondary menus (i.e. the color of the item corresponding to the page being viewed)?

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. Add this in the CSS editor:

    .widget {
        margin-bottom: 30px;
    .menu-secondary {
        margin-bottom: 30px;

    Decrease the values to adjust.

    2. Add this:

    .main-navigation li.current_page_item a, .main-navigation li.current-menu-item a, .menu-secondary li.current-menu-item a, .menu-secondary li.current-page-item a {
        color: #456789;

    456789 is just an example, of course. For palettes and color codes see here:

  3. Many thanks.

    One little last thing. I've added an email icon to the Contact page on my blog (see and I've added tags so that clicking the icon sends an email to our address. But because the icon is classified as a link, when the cursor hovers over it, the image gets an ugly underline.

    I thought that adding style="text-decoration: none" to the href instruction would remove this, but it doesn't. I don't want to change the text decoration for all the links, just this one. How can I do this?

    style="text-decoration: none"

  4. First, adding text-decoration:none would remove an underline if the underline was present when you view the page: the line you don't like shows only when you hover over the image link. Second, it's not an underline anyway, it's a bottom border.
    To get rid of it, add this in the CSS editor:

    #post-34 a:hover {
        border: none;

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