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    Every time I publish a post, my images always show up on Reader as small thumbnails, despite the size of my images (usually around 500-560px). It is the same whether I post as Standard / Text or as Photo. I also always add Featured Image to my posts. How can I get it to show up as a large image on Reader?
    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is



    That theme does not have featured images.

    Post Formats
    Pachyderm supports all post formats – Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, Status, and Chat – and each formatted post is styled with a special icon and color. It’s good to note that Aside, Quote, Link, and Status posts do not display the post title.


    Ahhh thank you timethief. So does this mean that I won’t be able to get my images nice and large on Reader whilst I am blogging on this theme?



    Hm, this is a bit confusing. According to the tags in the theme’s Showcase page, Pachyderm supports featured images, but the theme does not appear in the list here and indeed in my test blog there is no apparent use of a featured image in this theme.

    Staff: besides the update to the tags on the theme showcase page (if correct), perhaps you can let us know the order in which the Reader chooses images to display (i.e. featured image>1st image in post>Gravatar if no image, and the like)?

    @misswinnielondon – Meantime, perhaps experiment with uploading images larger than what you are currently uploading?


    @justjennifer, thanks for your reply. Will try uploading a larger image. :)



    Hi misswinnielondon, thanks for bringing this up! The Pachyderm theme on doesn’t support featured images — our theme team is updating the theme’s tags to fix that.

    However, as justjennifer mentioned, you should be able to get large images to appear for your blog posts in the Reader by using larger images in your posts. The reader looks for images that are at least 594px wide and have an aspect ratio above 0.8 (width/height).

    @ justjennifer, currently, when a post with the Standard, Aside, Link, Quote, or Status post format contains a video or audio embed, that embed is pulled out and used in the Reader. Otherwise, it uses an image from the post.

    If the post has the Gallery or Image post format, a video or audio embed in that post would not be used in the Reader – one or more images would be used instead. When the Reader looks for an image, it goes for the featured image first and then an image inserted into the post — if there are no images that meet the size criteria I mentioned above, it will display the image as a thumbnail instead of a large image.


    @rachelmcr Thank you. It makes perfect sense. I think my images have always been too small to be displayed properly on Reader. :)



    @misswinnielondon – And, success! Last post looks lovely in my Reader.

    @rachelmcr – thanks for the information. Bookmarked!



    @ misswinnielondon, you’re welcome! If you try using larger images and still have trouble with the Reader, please let me know and I can take another look.

    @ justjennifer, you’re welcome! This order may change in the future, so feel free to check back if it seems like things are working differently. :)


    Thank you both! :)
    I think we can safely say the mystery is solved! ^_^

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