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    I know I can change this manually for every picture by adding hspace, but I was wondering if there was a way that when images are sent the the editor, the could have some padding? it looks horrible to have the text but right up against the image, and is hard to read.

    Also, whenever I try to center an image, if I save it it goes back to left aligned. Why?? I have to manually set the align to center in the code everytime now….

    PS. I love wordpress! Thanks for providing such an awesome service, for free!!!



    Apologize if I’m mistaken, but I think it depends on what theme you are using at the moment. Green MarinĂ©e 1.0 added a green border around my images with some padding, where Neat! 0.01 leaves my images as is.

    I’m not sure about the image sticking to the left part though, may I ask what theme are you using? Perhaps I can give it a try.

    Would love to see an option where we can set the padding, or perhaps edit just this particular css rule?

    Edit: I’ve tried fooling around with some image alignment using your current theme (Blix) and my current theme (Neat!) and experienced the same thing. It kept sticking to the left side.

    On second try, I’ve attached the image first, center-aligned it, then wrote my post. This seems to fix it temporarily. Here’s the post I’ve made.

    I’m sure someone else have a better solution for this?

    PS: I love WordPress too! :D

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