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Padding in Calendar Widget for Bosco Theme

  1. Folks --

    I'm currently testing out the Bosco Theme for my blog and noticed that the calendar itself in the calendar widget isn't centered, but aligned to the left, with plenty of room inside the box.

    I am a relative newcomer to CSS-editing and was curious how I can go about putting in the necessary padding to have it centered (and where to place the coding).

    any help would greatly be appreciated (and apologies if this has been asked...tried the search function and came up empty


  2. You're in the support forum. I'm not sure if that's where you want to be or not. The Bosco theme is not one we have at Your username is not linked to your blog so I can't confirm if you actually should be over here with self hosted bloggers and bloggers with web hosts or not.
    The other option is that you are in the forum and that's the right place for you but you have posted to the support forum instead of to the css customization forum.
    Perhaps checking this pink "read me first before posting to the forum" sticky out will help you determine that

  3. apologies..

    My blog isn't hosted by -- it's hosted on my own host...

    I also found the template through a link on this site last evening and decided to give a whirl...

  4. If you host your site yourself, the software runs differently than a free blog here at

  5. nosy - he knows - we've been through this and he's gone now to :)

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