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Padding Issue in my Sidebar

  1. Hello All,

    I am having a bit of trouble customizing my blog with CSS. Here is the blog:
    The setup is primary sidebar - content - secondary sidebar. There is something that is pushing down the secondary sidebar, it should be aligned at the same height as the rest of the page content. Any suggests the anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jake

    Since you've just started with that blog, might I suggest you use the newer version of Sandbox (1.0) rather than the older one that you are working with.

    I think the problem is here:

    div#content.hfeed {
    margin:0 0 0 200px;

    I believe the margin should be:

    margin:0 200px;
  3. Hey vivianpage,

    Thanks for the help, unfortunately what you suggested didn't work... Is there any other suggestion that you would be able to give me?

    Thanks Again

  4. I guess it's the images in your right sidebar. Try to make them a few dozens of pixels smaller and reinsert them.

  5. Sorry - I can't figure it out. I used Firebug and was able to get the left part to change but not the right. I'll put a tag on this thread for one of the CSS gurus to take a look.

  6. I think you should narrow either the #primary width or div#container width, to pull up your #secondary.

    Or widen the #wrapper.

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