Padding not showing up in different browsers

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    Hey guys,
    I am pretty new at this so it may be obvious but my posts look fine when viewed in Microsoft Explorer. In Netscape, Safari or Firefox the padding around my images does not appear to work When I place a photo on the left, I can get the border to show properly but not the padding so the words are smashed up against the photo. Any help will be appreciated.


    We can’t see what you refer to. Please provide a link to the image.
    You could also link your username to your blog.
    -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile – find “webite” in the right hand column and enter and then click “Update Profile” to save.



    Sorry guys, like I said, I am new at this. My blog is The problem occurs in any post where there is a vertical photo justified to the left. The text wrap around does not show the padding in the browsers I mentioned. I realized that in the visual rich editor I am only typing in the numbers for the padding and not adding the px after the number. For instance, I am typing 4 in the vertical and 8 in the horizontal but not typing it as 4 px and 8 px. Would this make a difference? Thanks for the help.

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