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    No inspiration in my dreams. I got out of the way of my subconscious, as you suggested ellaella, but it wandered off elsewhere.

    1tess, you asked: “I think what you really want is a sort of index of your posts in your sidebar. Is that right?” Yes, it is, but controllable in terms of what goes under each heading and in what order, if that were possible.

    I’m not wedded to the Chaotic Soul theme. would another one be more flexible?

    hope you guys are well. it’s raining and i keep postponing working…



    Good morning, folkie – conrollable re: headings and their order. The simplest, most controllable way to do that is with a text widget. You enter the links you want in the order you want.

    Apparently some changes are in the works for the blogroll links widget; they might make its use more flexible, but until the new version appears — and nobody knows when that will be — what the changes might be is pure conjecture.



    I’m not wedded to the Chaotic Soul theme.

    LOL, I find that comforting to hear!

    I feel like I’m missing something, how come child cats aren’t displayed? They should be with the cat’s widget, no?


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    A large half dead branch of a tree blew down and landed on my neighbors’ car. Stuff blew off my roof. Must have been a storm…
    Anyway, I don’t think it matters which theme you use, because making an index will still involve using a text widget. If you had only 3 or 4 items, you could just use the category widget and finesse the formatting with spaces and punctuation to get order the way you want, but you want more than a few items. As I said before.

    So, as ella suggested, you could move to and go self-hosting

    Or make categories. Then, put a category widget in your sidebar. Open a second browser window, add a new blank page, and resize the windows so you can see both of them on your screen.
    Drag the items in the category widget to the new page (in the Visual Editor you’ll be copying and pasting the links and text by doing this). Then select and drag the items on your new page into the order you want.
    Switch to HTML Editor, copy the code and paste it into a text widget. Or divide the code and make separate text widgets for each parent category. This part is not difficult once you try it.
    The problem comes when you add more titles. You’ll have to remember to add them to the appropriate text widget.
    That’s the hard part: remembering.


    Hey ellaella, with the text widget i can make it look the way i want (for which, thanks), but can i make some of the individual text entries active (so if you click on them, they take you to the post)?

    I guess that’s what you were referring to when you said “you enter the links you want” rather than the “text” you want. how do I enter the links?

    …still haven’t got down to any work.


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    The OP wants them to look like an index and in Chaotic Soul, they are all left aligned. And in any theme they would be in alpha-numeric order, not necessarily the order desired.


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    Seems we are all talking at the same time!


    hey 1tess, we had a storm too, which kept blowing the windows open like a malicious ogre outside…and yes, the hard part is remembering.

    will check out the link (but who would look after me then?) and will try and get my head round the two-page category and text widget drag and drop and cut and paste mullarkey. but that will take me time. you know by now i’m a bit slow on the uptake.

    thanks to all. again.


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    You can just do the regular select/copy/switch/paste but drag ‘n’ drop is less boring and faster.



    But if you’re working in tabs, not two windows, copy and paste is faster.


    First, a correction: subcategories and subpages in Chaotic Soul are indented and bulleted.

    Second, this is the code for a list the way folkcatalogue wants it:

    [and so on]

    (PS @tess, re yesterday’s “how are you doing?”: please keep in mind that I don’t respond if I don’t happen to see something like that in time; I don’t want to bump a thread with posts not related to the OP’s question. Sorry if it seems impolite – I’m sure you know it isn’t!)


    hi panaghiotisadam, that looks promising. i’m guessing, though, we’re no longer talking about the text widget (the last thing i tried with ellaella and 1tess)… if you’ve got the time, tell me where i go to do it, please. and is there a way of making the items below the headers active so they link through to the individual posts?


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    Yes, in a text widget. That’s what the HTML code would look like. It’s an unordered list (ul). The ITEMs would be your links (they are li or list items).

    And panos is right, Chaotic Soul can have the categories widget in a hierarchy. I’m just dumb: had 2 category widgets on my test blog and *thought* one was set to show hierarchy with indents and one to show # of posts. My mistake, though the items would still be in alphanumeric order.

    @panos, no offense taken, but so how are you doing? ;-)


    Text widget. Using this code will make the items show up the way all sidebar lists appear in the theme you’re using.

    For linking titles, the code model is this:
    <a href="POST_URL_HERE">TITLE_HERE</a>


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    (Fine as fine can be – was out of town for a few days. Mountain, no computer!)


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    sounds lovely. I’ve never been to Greece.


    ha indeed! that works! i am very grateful to you all. cheers for sticking with it 1tess and ellaella and for your inspiration panaghiotisadam. and i didn’t have to go to hurrah!


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    Great! It looks good.
    So we’ll see you around the forums…


    never fear. i’ll no doubt be annoying you all endlessly…and dylan sings perfectly.

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