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  1. I have created several pages. I want to make some of them "parents" of others. When I look at the Page Attributes under Publish, there is no button saying Parent. I have the order capability and I have changed those but the Parent one is missing.
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  2. Page Attributes is a completely different module from the Publish module. If you don't see it, then click on the "Screen options" in the upper right corner of your Editor and check the box next to it.
    See here:

    You might want to also try one of the newer themes which allow you to create a Custom Menu and then you can arrange your Pages quite easily.
    See here:

  3. Thank you so much, Jennifer. I got a lot further with your help here.

    I switched to twenty ten so that I got a template with more features and now have a landing page with a number of different items on the menu.

    However, the support doc. talks about adding items under Pages and Categories as if items should already be there and on mine there's nothing there.

    So I got stuck again...


  4. This is not a theme issue. Go to screen options and be sure you have included the modules you find there.

  5. This is what the support doc. says:

    Adding Pages to Your Menu

    Adding pages to your menu is as simple as checking the proper boxes for the pages you want and then clicking Add to Menu.

    But my Pages has nothing in it to check.

  6. That's why I told you to fo to screen options and be sure to include the required module.

  7. @tt-If I understand correctly, joannefilmsf seems to be talking about the Custom Menu dashboard.

    Joanne-what site are you talking about? The one linked above is still using Kubrick and is empty. Please give the URL starting with http:// to make it clickable.

    Also, what Pages have you published? Again, there's nothing on the site above, only the standard About Page and the blog page.

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