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    is there a way to make a page that is updated w/ a particular tag? for instance, i have a page titled ‘low-impact’, and i would like for it to automatically update w/ all posts tagged ‘low-impact’. i know that i can see that page by just clicking on the ‘low-impact’ tag, but i’d like to give that tag a greater importance by highlighting it w/ some of my pages. right now when clicking into the ‘low-impact’ page, there is a link for the ‘low-impact’ tag. that’s my current work-around – but do you have any idea how i could get what i want? thanks.



    Blogs only have one running posts page that automatically updates when new posts are made. Pages sit outside the blog structure. You cannot assign categories to them. They are also for static content so any additions you make to them must be done manually.
    I hope this answers your question but if not then please post again.



    Do note that Pages (Your first link) and Category Pages (Your second link) are two very seperate things. Pages sit outside your Posts and their structure. Note that Pages don’t normally have timestamps, Categories and are not searchable via your webbased search form.

    Your best bet would be just to either manually highlight your Category Pages or include links to your Category Pages within your Pages.

    Hope this helps,



    yeah, i’m aware of how the structure works, which was why i was curious if there was some way of getting done what i wanted. apparently there isn’t, so ce la vie. too bad, though.

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