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  1. I'm sorry for my english, but first of all I want to thank the WP team for their great work!

    I've a little problem, and it's about commenting in pages. If a create a new page, and enable commenting on it, it still doesn't have an comenting function on the page. I wonder if you can't have a comment function on pages?

    I've my blog at WordPress server, and using the default theme.

    I also wonder what page order is? Because it seems not to work for me. It doesn't matter if I put the number 1 on one page, it's still stands in alfabetic order. So I wonder what it is.

    Thank you.

  2. I don't remember ever seeing comments on a Page. On the backend, pages and posts are stored in the same table in the database but designigated as two seperate items when displayed. The comment selection is probably left over from that relationship.

    I had first thought that it was theme dependant but flipping through a number of the themes on my test blog, I have yet to see one that allowed it.

    Page order defaults to alphabetical. It is theme dependant and we currently have no method of changing that theme but staff has mentioned that they have plans to add support for different orders in the Page widget.

    Hope this helps,

  3. there are a couple of proper themes around wpcom do allow comments on a page.

    like that blue-green I [have to] use exactly by that reason (Simpla too, AFAIR).

    all that kubrickish don't.

  4. I thought some of the themes did but I couldn't remember which ones. Thanks

  5. I thought neither theme can do it myself, till I happened to read this post on default theme.

  6. Yeah, I remember that. It's in our WordPress FAQ on Simple Edits to themes but since we can't edit themes here...

  7. Both "Silver is the New Black" and "Regulus" allow page comments.

  8. So, basically, I have to change to one of those themes to have comment abilty on pages?
    It looks like Emire also has this capability. Is that correct?

  9. Journey, not sure why you felt the need to post this twice.

    Yes, only some of the themes here have the ability to have comments on Pages. Yes, it appears that Emire will allow comments on Pages.

    edit: Just verified. Yes, you can do comments on Pages with Emire.

  10. Sorry, drmike. I decided after I posted here to post a more detailed question. Thanks for verifying Emire.

  11. Not a problem.

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