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    I was wondering if displaying the page content at the right upper corner of the pages would be possible…Any hint?

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t understand what you are asking, could you rephrase it?


    Some of my pages are long, and readers lose the track of what the page contents. If I could include the page content at the beginning of the page it would be very useful.

    As an example….most of the support pages at have a content area at the right up side



    Some themes have sidebars for widgets on static pages and some do not. Is that what you are referring to or not?



    If your posts are lengthy you can split content in several ways.


    There really isn’t much of a way to have page specific things at upper right. You could certainly put a list of sections or whatever at the top of each page in the content area and then use page jumps to get people to that specific place.


    I was not talking about widgets in general, just about page content. For instance, I have a static pages which is 800 words long. Content is divided in several sections: 1) Introduction 2) Methods 3) Results 4) Conclusions.

    If at the beginning of the page I could have all these sections visible at the beginning of the page and the reader could view the structure of the page and navigate within them would be of great help


    Use page jumps at the beginning of the post. That is as close as we can get to what you want I think.


    And actually, that is what wordpress does on the support documents, it is just that they have set up a separate element in the markup to hold those page jumps at the right of the content.


    Thank you both very much….I am working noe with page jumps but I do not mange to get it working. The sections appear in a hyperkink fashion but the hyperlink does not work…I will keep on practicing… Thank you


    I am trying Page jumps but I do not get it…

    In this page ( I am trying to create a jump up in the page to “Referencias”, near the end but it does not work. This is what I have written. Any clue?



    That page is password protected so I cannot see it.

    Are you putting the code in in the HTML tab in the editor?





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    @proahulp, that page jump works just fine for me. When I click on “Referencias” at the top it takes me right down to that section in the content of the page.


    @rodneyguil, please do not add unrelated questions to existing threads. Start a new one or find one on the subject you want help with. A search of the forums for “adsense” would have brought literally hundreds of threads telling you basically the following:

    User advertising is, except for a couple very narrow exceptions, not allowed on wordpress.COM. For the exceptions, see the last sentence under “Affiliate marketing blogs” in the bottom set of bullet points in the “types of blogs” link below.


    Now it works…..the only problem is that the link goes to a little bellow than it should. Here is the code to see if you could find the clue

    <span style=”color:#000000;”>REFERENCIAS</span>


    When I click the links, each of the anchor words for the page jumps is right at the top of my screen just like they should be. I checked in Safari, Firefox and in Opera.


    Thank you. Perhaps it was a effect of the toolbar which is on since I am the administrator of the blog



    Ah, that is it. I was looking while logged out of wordpress.

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