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Page deleted ????????

  1. I spent hours working on a page and it has just been vaporized.

    Bug or censorship?

    That page is gone:

  2. um, must be some bug cause the page code is still visible from the dashboard/manage tab. Weird

  3. If i paste the code in the "write a new page" window and then delete the old one, will it work? Geez, i don't want visitors to find empty pages for too long.

  4. er... help?

  5. Damned, it's getting worse. I tried to make a new page with the same code. Didn't work. I deleted that new page and now I have two tabs that lead to a 404/not found page.
    The whole blog is a now a complete mess. :-(((((

  6. I found the same thing on my pages.

  7. Woah. Yes, I just checked your blog, the situation is even worse in yours. Doesn't comfort me though.
    Apparently something must have gone wrong with the database.
    I guess they're working on it.

  8. If it's an immediate problem, I would go ahead and submit a feedback on it. That's the questest way. Posting here and expecting a reply within 22 minutes is a bit much. It appears that most of the staff here only pop in once or twice a day. Feedback gets looked at fairly quickly. (Trust me on this one. I've seen spam sites go away within 30 minutes after a report.)

  9. okay thanks for the advice

  10. From now reading the other threads, it may be an issue on their backend. I'm sure that they're aware of it but go ahead and do the feedback anyway just to make sure.

    Good luck,

  11. wrnc, we're aware of the issue and we're taking steps to resolve it. There is no data lost, only a failure of some newer blogs to update their page permalinks. We'll have it fixed up for you very soon.

    You don't need to keep bumping this thread ;-)

  12. okay I'm sorry :-((

    slight panic attack on my side

    thanks for the feedback and for your work

  13. cry (small fontsize but cry anyway)

  14. me too

  15. This is all fixed now.

  16. Apparently, my problem has been fixed.
    Many thanks to everyone involved in the repair :-)))

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