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Page Deleted On Accident

  1. Does wordpress maintain an active backup? The site was deleted by an admin who got pissed off.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The recommendation under assigning user roles is for one Admin on each blog only and now you know why that is. Provided it was not permanently deleted you can find the Page in your Trash and restore it. If not and it was published and indexed by search engines then you may be able to locate a cached version on Google and copy and paste it into a new Page.
    Q: Will Staff fish it out of the database?
    A: No.

  3. Does the page show in your trash?

  4. @timmwheelerakadallaspcdoctor
    I'm answering twice because your title stated "page" and in the original post you made you stated "site":

    The site was deleted by an admin who got pissed off.

    If what you actually mean is an Admin deleted the entire blog then know that deleting a free hosted blog is forever. The URL (blog address) cannot be recycled and reused by anyone after deletion.

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