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Page displays wrong

  1. One of my pages is displaying not itself, but a separate post. Oddly enough, when I edit it, it shows normally in the editor, but when I view it, all I see is the post instead of the text in the page. What is going on? How do I fix it?

  2. Which page? I just looked at each listed page and they all look okay to me - but then I don't know how you think they should look :)

  3. the driving directions page. When I view it, it only displays the important information post. Are you getting driving directions? my fiancee had the same problem that I did. So I dunno...

  4. If you go to Options > Reading you'll see you have Directions page set to have the latest post on it. If you sort that, all will be well :)

  5. Oh...
    I didn't really know what that meant, obviously. I guess I thought it would show both the page content AND the posts. Thanks for the help!

  6. I have the same thing going on. I have the front page where I show an Astrology Forecast and another page that deals with individual readings. The individual readings is now showing the front page. I'm not sure what I've done. In options ~ reading I have show latest posts checked. And show this page on the front page has 1 option of individual forecasts. Show the latest posts on this page has 1 option as well which is individual forecasts. Do I have to create a page that is home? I'm confused. Not sure if I did something to cause this. Thanks for any help.

  7. Nevermind, somehow I fixed it. I really have no idea how. :) Thanks.

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