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    There is a problem with actually publishing new sites under the right topic (head site). The site is online, since the URL is working (
    Usually if I publish something under “Begriffe” it appears in a list displayed, as long as I hover the cursor over “Begriffe”.
    Well the new page does not appear in that list.
    My browser is Safari 6.0.2, but i tried Chrome 23.0.1271.95.
    In this state right now, I am not able to publish anything while cotaining a normal structure.
    I really need help here.

    The blog I need help with is



    We need more specifics. Give us a link to this new page.



    If the page doesn’t appear under “Begriffe”, then you’ve probably created that dropdown via a custom menu. Custom menus don’t update automatically.

    Your dropdown is useless anyway: you’ve published so many child pages to Begriffe that only about half of them show in the browser window when you hover over the “Begriffe” tab. You’d better eliminate the dropdown completely and rely on clicking on “Begriffe” to access the child pages.


    The dropdown is not custom build. It is part of the Theme. We managed to build an opportunity to access all pages… just click “Begriffe”.
    But we like the dropdown since you are able to scroll down to find what you need without loading another page.
    Until now it was fairly easy add a new page to this system, which was automatically added to the dropdown, just by choosing “Begriffe” as the overall topic.
    Right now I have a problem with exactly the same system, but it is a new mother Page i like to add.
    The site is still empty but is online (
    Usually if I tell the theme that a certain page is a mother page it will create a section just like “Begriffe” on start page with a dropdown with every page I added to this mother page.
    So basically the theme is not doing what it has been in the last months.


    By the way, thank you for your thoughts and help.



    You’re welcome – and you don’t need to repeat what you said: I understood it the first time.
    a) Please go to Appearance > Menus and tell us if there’s anything on the right-side module as well as what’s selected in the Theme Locations pulldown.
    b) You ignored my point about the dropdown: how exactly would you select, say, “Wortbreite” from the Begriffe dropdown?


    answer to:
    a) Thank you! You are pretty much my personal hero today. Somehow someone in my team unchecked the box (Automatically add new top-level pages). This has pretty much solved the problem!
    b) Hover over the dropdown and scroll down to “Wortbreite”.
    It even works with Smartphones (they have a special mobile site) and tablet (they access the normal site). It does also work in Safari, Chrome and Firefox (tested) and should work with all other browsers, too.
    If you donĀ“t like the dropdown feel free to click on “Begriffe”. you will be prompted to a page with all the links of the drop down.

    Again, thank you!
    You were extremely helpful!



    You’re welcome!
    The point isn’t whether I personally like the dropdown or not: I’m warning you that it does not work in all browser versions.

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