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page errors in firefox

  1. my page loads fine in IE, but no where even close to correct on firefox. Anyone now what the problem in my code may be?

  2. A link to your blog would be most helpful.

    That and a description (or even better a screenshot) of what's going wrong.

  3. thistimethisspace

    This is the url for your blog
    Note the "www" is replaced by "thethe360loop" bit and if you keep using the unecessary "www" then some people on the net and some search engines will not locate your blog.

    Setting that aside, using firefox I viewed your blog. The header took awhile to load and if you're going to have embeds then you should consider reducing the number of posts on the front page to speed loading time.

    The big problem is the overwide black sidebar. It's overlapping the text and the video embeds in the posting space.

  4. i noticed its not reading my css correctly. is there a problem with IE css code translating to firefox?

    Its not reading the width of the page.
    margins on my header description is now applying to the entire page.
    i cant even explain the sidebar, maybe its the width that is placing the bar in that area.

    as for reducing the number of posts. Yeah, I should. But ill look into that after this is fixed

  5. Actually the 'www' bit in there is correct. It's when it's added as a fourth name within a *.com, is when it is incorrect.

    I had checked the validator but it's only really complaining abut the youtube videos and there's not a whole lot you can do about those.

    That and your usage of the br tag. It's <br /> with the slash to be correct.

  6. hmmm i changed some code. i guess i had #page at 780px which firefox was reading, but i had "* html #page" on 950px which IE was reading.

    The page being off, i fixed simply by changing the word margin, to padding. I guess i should've noticed that earlier.

    Still having problems with the sidebar though. Anyone have any suggestions on css code i should try?

  7. ok i took care of the br tags, that i could change.

  8. oh i think i got it! can you guys load it on IE and Firefox to double check for me?
    I added a "float:right;" tag on my secondary css

    choose which ever you prefer. ^^; just a joke

  9. I'm using firefox and everything looks great.
    IMO the front page has too many post entries though.

  10. hey artistixj

    i m having the same problems...can you guideme,what did you do to fixit ..aswell any good idea for different css?

  11. His 9:36 reply shows what he did.

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