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Page for ALL photos

  1. I want a Page to show ALL the photos which i upload. Just like a photo album or gallery. No need to see photos post-by-post. Visitors can quickly see ALL the photos thumbnail.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @kansir

    There is no automatic way to do that.

    On a page, you could insert a gallery for each post by using
    [gallery id="POST_ATTACHMENT_#"]
    But that would be a daunting task with your blog going back to 2005.

  3. It would take so long to load that people on lower-speed connections would simply NOT see most of your page.

  4. As 1tess said, no automatic way to do it and you can use the Gallery ID number to set up a separate Page with nothing but photos.

    And because you are using a number of Galleries on the same Page, you can also include pagination so that there is a manageable number of photos on one page. Check out my unofficial FAQ at the very bottom, and then see the sample Page in the sidebar.

  5. Thank, 1tess & justjennifer.
    I want a automatic way to show all photos on Page, it just like a personal online album. So i don't need to upload photos to Flickr and write blog back to wordpress. I want to do it all in wordpress. Hope WordPress Team make a automatic way to show off all photos, that's album function in wordpress.

    Thank you again.

  6. Um kansir, I didn't notice anyone mention using flickr and posting back to Using the Gallery feature as we mentioned above will create an album-type Page. Cheers!

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