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    Theme is INove

    This is in reference to the “Past Adventures” drop-down menu pages.

    I don’t have the knowledge to do CSS or HTML or anything like that.

    No problems creating any of the pages, except for Death Valley Part One. It’s fine on the edit page, and then when I publish, it moves some of the text around, adds extra spaces here and there, and doesn’t show a skipped line after some of the photos. I’ve spent several hours completely redoing the page twice.

    Specifically, the entire text of the 4-5-09 entry has been moved to the very end.

    For 4-9-09 there is the first line of text and the rest of the entry has been moved to 4-11-09.

    For 4-10 it first shows the the 4-11-09 text and then begins with the 4-10-text.

    Any ideas? This has got me cussing!


    The blog I need help with is



    Well, maybe I figured it out, that it involved copying and pasting. Guess I’ll trash it and start over and hope I don’t waste several more hours.




    Copy and paste can be problematic at times. Safest is to paste in as plain text. I used the Paste as Word Doc and it drug along some formatting that changed my type size to small small – was unsettling and took a while to clean out the html code.



    Thanks, auxclass.

    Yeah, I’m figuring out that a person needs to know HTML to do what I’m doing to fix what seem to be simple format problems. I just redid everything for the third time pasting as plain text. That’s created other problems that need to be fixed, but at least everything is in the correct place. Guess I’m too used to high-powered word processing (not Word!!) and am expecting too much.



    Always paste as plain text and then format, unless you want to develop cumulative blog problems of this kind.

    You have another option, though: offline blog editors like Blogdesk and Windows Live Writer. They function like word processors, but you can format, add tags and categories, etc, and upload whenever you like. They’re also free.



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