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    I’m using the Chaotic Soul theme and I’m trying to set up a page widget on the sidebar with three lines that look like this:

    Underway (italicized)
    Achieved (bolded)

    and I’d like to have that kind of spacing with no space gaps between the three lines. No matter what I’ve tried, the results are consistently bad. Pending and Underway end up on one line (Underway IS italicized, which is nice) and Achieved is on another line and there is a lot of space between the two lines. Achieved is bolded, again…nice but no cigar.

    I’ve tried having the line setting on Format and on Paragraph. I’ve tried using an unordered list. I’ve tried not having anything italicized or bolded. I’ve also tried using a shift-enter to try to force a hard return.

    One poster suggested, in response to another formatting issue, that the text be done in the Visual Page Editor and then viewed in HTML and then copy/pasted into the widget. I tried that too, and in looking at the code – there doesn’t seem to be anything different about the stuff that precedes or supercedes each line so….

    I’ve looked all over Support and Forums for an answer, and can’t seem to pinpoint the problem.


    Arrrggghh……it’s fixed. Don’t know why or how, just thought I’d try one more time while I was waiting and ta da!

    Sorry for the false alarm :(


    My suggestion instead of trying to write the HTML is to open a new post, put in Pending and then hold down the shift key and hit enter/return which will put in a standard br tag. Then add the Underway, and again hit shift-return and then put in Achieved.

    Then go back and highlight each word and use the link button to add the link. Then highlight each word again and make them bold or italic as you wish.

    When you are happy with it, switch to the HTML tab and copy out all the stuff there, then go to the widget and paste the code in there.


    Not a problem, but keep what I posted in mind for next time. It takes a lot of the work out of it.


    Thanks sacredpath! I certainly will try that next time :-)


    SP – Thanks so much for that advice! I didn’t like the look that I ended up with so I came back and followed your directions – great look and it all works in no time flat!! You are AWESOME!!

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