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Page goes blank while loading "Older Posts"

  1. Hi,

    After scrolling down the page, when I click on "Older Posts", the page just goes blank. The same thing happens if I enable infinite scrolling as well.

    Help please!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there. I see what you're talking about and I don't think it should happen.

    Did you perhaps make any changes to the theme's CSS using the Custom Design upgrade?

  3. Yes indeed. I have made changes to the CSS. As far as I can figure out those are all innocuous changes in color, padding, border etc.

    I looked at the browser console while clicking on Older Posts and this is the error that came. (I wondered if couple of "display:none"s in custom CSS are causing the problem. But removing them doesn't solve the issue).

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of null
    grabAllTextNodes @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:3867parseNode @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:3919parse @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:4069JetpackEmoji.parse @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:4117(anonymous function) @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:4161m.event.dispatch @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:3r.handle @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:3m.event.trigger @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:3e.event.trigger @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:8(anonymous function) @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:3m.extend.each @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:2m.fn.m.each @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:2m.fn.extend.trigger @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:3Scroller.render @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:1054(anonymous function) @ ??-eJyNku12wiAMhm9oyNG5nzu7FkpTmxYII6HVux96tFPX1f6BhLwPHy/RY1QYrMs1sO5Ym9pjUJVJmzJvOn7TRWApCAQ512sY…:1261j @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:2k.fireWith @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:2x @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:4send.b @ ??-eJx9kFEKwjAMQC9kV7bVT/EsW81GZtvUJnXo6e3HRBxVCISQR5IXvUaFwbp8AdZLiVuG9NhSs/BB/wOUxzkNAo3H8IYtBYEg…:4
  4. I'm afraid this is beyond my expertise. I'm tagging this for staff to follow up. Please be patient while waiting for them to respond.

  5. HI jayajha,

    I have done some research and testing and it appears this is caused by the Wufoo forms on each post. When the next set of posts loads the Wufoo shortcode has an error which is prevent the posts from loading.

    I have reported my findings to our developers and will let you know if I hear back.

    In the meantime you could do one of the following:

    - Place the Wufoo form behind the More Tag:

    - Removing the Wufoo form from each post and having it as a widget so it only loads once.

  6. Ah, thanks! Didn't think of that. I will probably remove the form for the time being. But if the error could be fixed, it would be great.

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